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Friday, November 12, 2010

Check Out The Platinum's Paladin!

The Platinum Warlock has posted his notes on how to Multi-Ark one of the classics:

The Paladin

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

WEGS on Facebook

WEGS Old Skool has its own facebook for those of you who want to start following our antics and keep in touch between cons. Chances are that we will use that channel to post notes of where to find the product, new product updates, con schedule, and misc freebies.

Go check it out and jump into the fray!

I'll be posting a little less on this blog (if that's possible) as I hunker down this fall and get rolling on the new products. Looking forward to some new releases in 2011.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two Months and Three Cons Ago...

The Summer of Redux kicked off, as all those who follow this little blog will recall. Since then, GameWick Games has had the best June, July, and August sales for our little game system, WEGS Old Skool. Releasing the newly revised rule set (Redux) along with the advanced rules of play (Dice Rule!) certainly helped in this regard. During this time, we've hit the three big summer cons: Origins (June), Historicon (July), and Gen Con (Aug).

Aside from the encouraging sales, the cons provide that great opportunity to catch up with our friends and fans who have supported us along the way (some from the pre-release stage, circa 2006). In a strange way, the GameWick Games booth is becoming a sort of tavern where folks pop in to catch up, take a break from storming the exhibit hall, swap gaming stories and brag about their WEGS triumphs and dastardly dice rolls. It's the one place where you can say "I was out of spoints and needed two to Spante for my spells, so I burned my last Phew! point..." and folks follow each and every word of your story.

We've got a little over three weeks to go before the end of summer. With no cons on the radar until after that point, September shall be a challenging month for our momentum (but that's always the case). These last few weeks of summer provide me some time to focus on the internet publicity. Speaking of which, it's time to do an official press release of the products we just released "two months and three cons ago".

Yeah, I'm a wee bit behind...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Just One Month Ago...

... the Summer of Redux officially kicked off when WEGS Old Skool Redux and WEGS Dice Rule! went on sale at Origins 2010. Since then, the books have been sold at our booth at Historicon and also at Dexcon (thanks to Professor J), not to mention a few direct email requests from fans who just couldn't wait for the GameWick Games website store to start offering the new swag!

I'm happy to say that we've taken in more sales this first month than we did the entire last year. This is hugely due to our rabid convention fan base (you know who you are) who have been waiting three years (cough. cough. sorry. cough.) for something new to buy!

I thank you all for your support!

Gen Con 2010 is the next and final stop for our summer con-hopping hijinks. For those of you waiting for the GameWick Games store to go live, that will be very soon. Due to the limited stock (we only ran 300 of each book), I did not want to go live with it until post-Gen Con. However, I think we have enough copies remaining to throw open those internet flood gates and still have enough stock for the last con o' the season.

Besides, if we sell out at Gen Con, all the better (less to pack back into the car)!

Now go out and play some WEGS!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Old Skool Orange

Remember cheeze doodle and dorito stains on character sheets?

The tell-tale sign that the character was experienced and used in prior play.

That color orange I tried to recreate for the Old Skool branding - a burnished orange/gold that has a friendly richness about it. Without the oily blotches, of course.

Now don't wait to get you snack-coated fingertips on the new products coming out this summer! They go on sale next week at Origins.

Bring your own snacks, though...

(Wizard on Die by Kennon James)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Needless to Say...

I've been nutzo busy since the last post getting three new products out the door: WEGS Old Skool Redux, WEGS Dice Rule!, and the new technicolor Old Skool Skill Deck. This means that unlike last year where the GameWick Games booth had no new product to sell at the summer conventions, we hit the ground running with a trifecta of fantastic offerings.

Hopefully over the summer I can find time to regale you all with the tales of getting these three products out the door. It was a heap of work from beginning to editing to end. The end products though are amazing!

Can't wait to show off our WEGS this year!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Hunting Oftens & Ladders

As Dice Rule! suffers its final death throes, one of the last tasks is hunting for orphans and ladders in the text. Orphans (or "oftens" for GS fans) are solitary words that are dangling at the end of a paragraph who take up a full horizontal line for themselves. These gotta be shoved back up into the paragraph right proper (or the tracking of the paragraph tweaked so it flows to the next line). Ladders are more insidious. These are visual clusters of similar words that appear directly above or below each other (like the word "the" vertically lining up with itself on different horizontal lines).

There's been one pass on these suckers by the team project editor, but since the various final edits, there's plenty of text shift that needs review. This is the final bit before we put this beast down for good.

Then we turn our sights on the second book, Old Skool Redux!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dice Rule! Draft

With unbelievable timing, I received the draft copy of Dice Rule! in the mail today. All I'll say is that it looks sweeeeeet! From the two-column spread to the fun-loving old skool art, it's geeked out to the gills!

Let May begin!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Good Fortune, Bad Fortune...

This was in my fortune cookie last night:

"Slaying the dragon of delay is no sport for
the short-winded"

Now about getting those two books done by Origins...

Friday, March 26, 2010


The first pass at content and layout is complete for Dice Rule! and the page count has come in at that magical pagination mark of 64! This was purely unintentional, but a great sign that we're in that enchanted page zone that so many early hardcover rpgs hit. My understanding is that page count needed to be divisible by 16 as that's how many cuts were on the printer's sheet.

AD&D Monster Manual, 112 pages (16 x 7)

AD&D Players Handbook, 128 pages (16 x 8)

AD&D Dungeon Master Guide, 240 pages (16 x 15)

Now, I still have to add the Table of Contents, preface, and other fun stuff, so that wicked 64 mark is just a temporary page count.

But a good omen that we're solidly on the road to print!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

First OS Review for 2010

A review of Old Skool has been posted over at the Ogre Cave.
"Just what the heck is WEGS? Demian had a close look at the Wickedly Errant Game System in his review of WEGS 101: Old Skool by Gamewick Games. In a rather saturated fantasy roleplaying market, does WEGS manage to rise above the pack, or does it blend in with the rest of its competitors? Read on to find out."
Check it out!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Dreamation Begins With A Big Bang!

Big Bang Mudang, that is!

Dreamation, the first con on our sched this year, began last night. I went intentionally light on the WEGS Old Skool schedule this time around, running only three events (one of Fri., two on Sat.). The exciting news is that two of these events are the new playtests for the Badderlands series.

B3 Grim Reapings, wherein the party explores the crypt of a not-so-dead Grand Warlock.

B4 Druids Ruins, wherein the party messes around with the forces of nature while searching for fabled treasure.

To add to the excitement, I kicked off the con with a super-secret playtest of Big Bang Mudang, my cosmic time-travelling witch-seer game. Details on this twisted little game will trickle forth over the course of the coming months.

And now it's time to start working on all the other con event submissions...

Monday, February 8, 2010

About That Long Winter's Nap...


No rest for the wicked(ly errant).

Much of January was consumed with initial layout/design of Dice Rule! (the advanced rules for WEGS 101 players) and the start of Old Skool, 2nd Edition. Both must be ready for the summer convention circuit that officially kicks off with Origins in June. This means that the books must be to the printer by the end of May.

For Dice Rule!, I'm drawing much inspiration from the old AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide, opting to go with an 8.5 x 11 two-column format. This layout allows for much more content to be placed on a single page, which means a lot less page turning for mid-game rule look-ups. While such an occurence is minimal for WEGS 101 play, much like the old DMG, Dice Rule! has the potential to be a valuable in-game reference point for the Kreator.

Now it's just a matter of beating these books into shape! Truth be told, I'd like to wrap up the initial layout by the first day of Spring (March 20th).

So much for that Winter's nap!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Minotaur Meat Has Arrived!

The long-awaited second module for the Badderlands series has arrived! I can finally check it off my 2009 To Do list!

B2: Minotaur Meat is the next Old Skool adventure from GameWick Games and it's chuck full of fun and adventure. It follows the three chapter narrative format, allowing the game to be played in three encounters.

The module was started in early 2009 and offered as an event for the conventions that we ventured to (Origins, Gen Con, Dexcon, Ubercon). Bit by bit, the module was forged into what it is today. One thing stayed the same, though: it ends with an awesome encounter with a classic minotaur!

The minotaur is depicted twice in the module, once on the cover and later in the third chapter. Both illustrations are drawn by Jim Holloway, a fantastic sword-n-sorcery artist known for his great work during the early days of the role-playing game industry. The module also features the art of Tony Steele and Brian Thomas.

Check it out!

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010, An Ill Omen...


In WEGS lingo, 2010 is back-to-back Bad Shots...

A 20 Bad Shot and -2 Strength...

A 10 Bad Shot and -1 Strength...

A harbinger for things to come?

I hope not!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Paper Golem!

Whelp, I've merged Dice Rule! Book 1 and Book 2 into a single document. Book 1 housed Chapters 1 thru 7. Book 2 housed Chapters 8 thru 12. I kept two books because it was easier to navigate the document in this fashion (both were under 100 pages). I'm now facing a 189 page paper golem!

The merge is a significant step forward to publishing, but there is still a long road ahead. My next step is what I call the "SNR Stage". SNR = Search and Replace (that lovely function of MS Word). While working on the books I kept track of any key terminology, abbreviation preferences, changes to rules, clarifications, etc, and logged them in the back of the book. For wegsample, is it "Cold Roll" or "Cold roll", and "Per Level Bonus" or "PL Bonus". Little stuff like that that ripples through the book. I also have a list of frequent typos to scan, like "their" for "there" and any place that three successive blank spaces appear. Real exciting stuff!

Post-merge I scan the full-bodied document from the top, going down the list one by one. It's an arduous and boring process. A complete necessity for overall synchronicity. Some folks might even call this step "copy editing".

This step let's me move the oversized golem to the door to get it on its way.

Let's hope the dang thing doesn't topple over on me in the process!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chapter Wrasslin'

Back in September, I started the rewrites on Dice Rule from the top. With the busy summer con schedule, I couldn't find the time to focus on this final march toward copy editing, and the book needed one good read/re-write to get me there. When you lay aside a manuscript for a couple months, you are picking it up fresh with a new set of eyes. You see glaring errors. Your mind stumbles over all the incongruant sentences and trips across jumbled paragraphs. Your whole perception of what you thought you had written gets thrown up and the air and slammed down hard upon the surface of reality.

When you enter the ring with an unfinished manuscript, it is a wrestling match. You have got to know the strengths and weaknesses that your opponent (the manuscript) possesses. It's going to slam you hard with its brute strength and batter your ego. Every step of the way it's going to whisper to you that you don't have the strength to prevail and that you should just walk away. It wants you to leave it, as is, in the ring. That's the toughest part because, inevitably, this is true. You have to walk away from it.

The irony is that this beast is all of your own making. All of its power came from you, the writer. All of its weakness came from you, the writer. In the strangest twist of tactics, the manuscript's weakness is its most horrific strength, because they are your weaknesses. Despite all this, you have to squint at this beast through eyes bleary with too much staring at the screen and murmur that over-used heroic action line, "Let's finish this..."

I'm in a twelve round fight with this beast. Twelve chapters of nonstop slugging it out. And there's not a referee in sight.

Just me and a 180 page electro-imaginary beast.

Chapter wrasslin'...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The End of Cons

With no more cons on my plate for 2009, I've launched the first annual End of Cons sale on the GameWick Games website. I've slashed prices like nobody's business and will keep these prices in place until we announce our 2010 con schedule. It just seemed like a great way to celebrate the end of the convention season and the end of the year.

What's on sale is the second printing of Old Skool (the first printing sold out at GenCon this summer). The second printing has only slight corrections to it, mostly glaring typos found in the first printing. Typos like Stealt instead of Stealth. Not to mention that ever embarrassing synonymic juxtaposition in the Pirates of Penzance lyric quote, "steal" instead of "steel".

Odd how the two most glaring typos both featured the same word...

Never realized that previously. Must have been the dread Curse of Schwenk for using his lyrics to make a not-so-clever point...

Anyway, for all twelve of you who read this little blog...

The End of Cons is nigh!

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Skinny On Dice Rule! (Part XII)

With all cons behind me for the year, I've dedicated my "game time" to the next WEGS book, Dice Rule! Well, that and the next module, Minotaur Meat... And of course, the long overdue Minion of the Month... These are the big three on my plate right now.

Dice Rule! is the one that consumes most of the time, and last week I found myself in the never-ending cycle of reading, editing, reading, editing the final chapter in the book: Chapter XII, Adventure! This isn't the first time I've been through that process with this chapter - more like the VI-th. It's a chapter that just doesn't want to play well with the others. Come the end of the week, on the XII-th to be exact, I put the finishing touches on the chapter and put it to rest (once again). This doesn't mean that Chapter XII is done by any stretch of the imagination. It only means that I've gotten it to a point where it is drying. I'll rip it all apart again when I start layout and design. And that point should be coming very, very soon! Boxcars!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ubercon XII Aftermath!

Way, way back in the fall of 2005, WEGS Copper was unveiled at Ubercon VI. Six cons later, this little con holds a special place in my old gaming heart. It's the kind of con where you get to know everyone that volunteers, and can recognize all the folks who wander about the gaming areas. It's got that hometown feel (if your hometown is Geekville, USA).

I always have a blast hunkering down to game here. The rpg room is a mid-sized conference room, half of which is dedicated to the mysteriously important RPGA activities (a partition is put up so they have their own private playing space). The other half (the non-D&D-ers) holds about eight tables hosting a mix of classic rpg events and small press games. A good chunk of the events are run by game designers or small press publishers. It's one big mix of gaming goodness. There are plenty of other rooms jammed with misc. gaming activities (card, board, minis), but I tend to stick around the arena I know.

I ran three WEGS Old Skool events: Tale of the Trojan Pig, Minotaur Meat (the next installment of the Badderlands series) and WEGS Sucks! (a vampyric event). Trojan Pig is an intro level game whereas Minotaur Meat steps up the role-play aspects of the game. WEGS Sucks! is a short and brutal scenario designed to be a total party kill (destroy all players), which we clearly state before the game begins. You gotta set expectations in a TPK setting!

All scenarios were a blast to run with a great mix of new/returning WEGS 101 players. Not suprisingly, WEGS Sucks! ended 1.5 hours early. Once the Vampyr Lord appeared with his soul draining sword and started pounding on the Goblin Warrior, the other players ran off the battlemat...

Shortly thereafter, the Goblin Warrior was no more.

A great end to the con!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Skinny on Dice Rule! (Part 2)

This past weekend, I split my time between reviewing the second half of Dice Rule! and watching some classic horror films, heavy on the Vincent Price. It was, after all, the season for the fiendish master of Poe. It's been a while since I've seen VP in all his glory and thoroughly enjoyed his brilliance in Tower of London (gotta love Richard the III stories) and The Haunted Palace (gotta love a movie set in Arkham even if it is a monster mash of Lovecraft storylines credited as a Poe story). I was also able to sneak in the final installment of the Blind Dead quadrilogy, Night of the Seagulls. More on these movies in a later post, though.

As noted in the post below, the second half of Dice Rule! is composed of five chapters and now comes in at text-only 88 pages. The bulk of the content focuses on the rules for minions (aka monsters), so it fit in well with the running weekend theme. I made it through 4/5ths of the book and knocking off the final chapter this week. Chapter 12 details adventure construction and includes topics on wave play, chapter play and campaign play. It's probably the biggest chapter in the book, which is the one dilemma I have right now: page count. I did not imagine that the book would grow to the size it is, but as the chapters unfolded, one topic led to another and another. Much of the content and rules covered in Dice Rule! was birthed at our convention game tables over the last five years. It's amazing to see how much WEGS 101 Old Skool has spawned.

It kinda creeps up on ya...

Just like Vincent Price...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Skinny on Dice Rule! (Part 1)

Way, way back in the early part of this year, I began composing the notes on the next WEGS book, titled Dice Rule! The subtitle was "How To Run A Wicked Game" and the book was to be a resource for all players. It was to include all sorts of tips/tricks for playing the game and also advanced options for Players (Arks), Kreators and Minion Masters. The content was primarily based on all the stuff we've been throwing down at our con games the last four years (stuff that isn't in (or excluded from) the Old Skool rulebook). I won't go so far as calling Dice Rule! an "advanced version" as I would a "companion piece". The advanced version is called WEGS Copper, and that ain't seeing the light of day (again) for a couple years.

By April, I had the first 7 chapters done in rough form. I was figuring the book would end up around the same number of chapters as Old Skool (twelve). There was, however, much more content in these first chapters than in all of Old Skool. I was looking at approx 80 pages of text. Way back in April I knew that this was going to be a big book! Now, the first 7 chapters dealt with the "bones of the system": the dice rules, the Ark Kard mechanics, spoints and skills. Stuff applicable to all players. The remaining chapters were dealing with much different topics: minion rules, encounters, tactics, and adventure design. The second half of the book was playing primarily to the Kreator side of the table (but it's stuff players should bone up on if they want to have an edge on the house).

By mid-summer, all 12 chapters were complete in their raw text form and weighing in at about 160 pages. This original manuscript was given a thorough drubbing by the Platinum Warlock and The Professor (two highly experienced WEGS mavens who know their way around the battlemat). Since then, I've been revising the content and getting it ready for its final death throes: layout, design, art and the final proofing. Once this process begins, it will probably be a couple months to a finished product.

Man, it'll be nice to have something new to sell at next year's conventions!

Friday, October 23, 2009

GenCon Everafter...

Haven't posted since the end of Gencon, which pretty much summarizes how much the summer con season takes out of ya (physically, mentally, monetarily)! Gotta add even more conventions to the schedule next summer and see what kind of recovery time that incurs!

Since August, I've been working on the next book (Dice Rule!), the next Badderlands module (Minotaur Meat) and the next minion (Trolls). In order to make some headway, I went light on the fall convention schedule, details of which will be posted soon.

I'm back in the game, baby!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gen Con 09 Aftermath!

The summer con tour came to its exciting conclusion at Gen Con, as did the stock of the first printing of WEGS 101 Old Skool. We returned from Indiana with the last remaining copy of the original print run. We're pretty happy 'bout that! The rest of the con is a blur of waking up, walking over to the exhibit hall, working the booth and demoing, quick dinners and then the evening WEGS game. Rinse and repeat. Once you plug into a con, you don't unplug until the booth has been dismantled and all the stock is in your car ready to go home. Cheerfully, we had a lot less stock to go home!

We only had a single 10 x 10 booth, and that took some getting used to. Me and the Wegshogs are used to a double booth for our set-up and demos, so it took us a little time to get used to this new flow. After the first day of bumping into each other, we decided to totally reconfigure the booth , just to make it work better. At best, we could demo a game for four players no matter which way we configured the space. And that was probably best as it made us focus on quick demos for small groups.

We were surrounded by some hopping booths: Luke Crane and the Burning Wheel team were on one side and Crazy Egor was on the other. Diagonally across from us was Goodman Games and Wizards of the Coast. Directly across from us was a custom leather boot and jacket dealer, Son of Sandlar, selling some awesome renn-faire ware.

Not a bad neighborhood at all!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Q: Do You Want To Make A Small Fortune In The Gaming Industry?

A: Start with a large one!

This little bit of professional advice was given to me at Origins from a seasoned dice professional. Given the expense of attending summer conventions alone, either as a game company or just an individual, this should be fairly apparent. I read this week that the average per individual cost for attending Gen Con was estimated to be around $900 (a real loose estimation). Travel, hotel, food, admission and purchases sure add up quick. I'd think it would come in more toward $600 (a sixth of that being admission fees/event costs!). Keep in mind, vendors typically get there a day or two before the con for set-up (one more day of expenses).

Anyhow, I've been a bit delinquent with my posting here. This was just a ping to let all twelve of my faithful readers know I'm still alive and rolling. The summer con season did not kill me, and what doesn't kill you just makes you stronger...

Gen Con Aftermath will be posted soon!

Friday, August 7, 2009

I Know I'm A Geek 'Cuz...

Somewhat related to BoG, there are just things that make the inner geek tingle. Like knowing that a two handed sword does 3d6 damage in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. And that such an item costs 30 g.p. (at least that was the going price back in 1978). Lots and lots of games geeks can spout out much more on the damage and cost of items, but I'm more surface level. I just know what appealed to me when I was introduced to the game. I have no clue why my brain has deemed that info important enough to retain...

As hinted in the earlier BoG posts, the inspiration for the Badge of Geekness material came from a little gem of knowledge from my travels with Tolkien. That's why those prior posts had the Hobbit and FotR depicted. It is simply this:

Chapter 1 of The Hobbit is titled: An Unexpected Party

Chapter 1 of The Fellowship of the Ring is titled: A Long-Expected Party

Tolkien begins both books with a party, of sorts. The unexpected party is the Dwarves who show up at Bilbo's doorstep thanks to Gandalf. The long-expected party is Bilbo's self-planned 111th birthday bash. Both mark points of departure from the Shire for Bilbo.

I just think that's cool JRR trivia.

And it only took me three posts to get that brain nugget out...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Badges of Geekness, Part 2 or 3

Based on the last post(s), I'm guessing that there's going to be a need to define the different Badges of Geekness that one can acquire. Off the top of my head, there's got to be one for "The Order of the Ring" (Tolkien) and "The Society of the Elder Things" (Lovecraft). These are two authors who have been embraced by gaming geeks en masse thanks to the various incarnations of their works/themes in role-playing games. We can also add "The Pittsburgh Assemblage" for Romero and his monstrous zombie efforts. There's plenty of other badge categories, but these are the ones that I personally would have a shot at wearing.

Now my knowledge of those topics above isn't very broad. The shards of information I possess on those topics were gained from my casual exposure to that particular genre. I have not spent hours memorizing every nameless horror introduced to this world by H.P., or tried to understand the Elven language of J.R.R. In fact, I've only read the Hobbit once and LOTR twice. I base my badge credentials on this one fact alone:

I can sit around a gaming table with a group of complete strangers and mutually enjoy the banter that flows forth from any one of the topics above.

A Badge of Geekness is like wearing a t-shirt from a place you've visited. You've been there, done that and want to share the excitement of the experience with other folks. Problem is that there aren't too many folks who have been to Middle Earth, Miskatonic U, or even to shopping mall chock full of zombies.

Geeks go to places that don't exist.

And all we get are these little badges...

Friday, July 31, 2009

Badges of Geekness

As noted in the earlier BoG post, there's just some things that game geeks know. I'm not talking about the stuff that floats freely about the spheres, but that which bubbles below the crust of the Geek world. The stuff that's above the crust tends to be non-worthy of a BoG (like knowing the names of the secret identities of the most popular superheroes). This is the stuff that even the non-geek surface dwellers find out, thanks to summer superhero blockbusters, etc. That kind of pop culture stuff is all above crust. No more badges handed out for that info!

Anything of "ours" that has been jammed into a digestable movie format or tv series just ain't that special anymore. When most of the residents of a retirement community know that Bruce Wayne is Batman, it's over for that super. Ask them who Hawkman is though, and you'll get the normal glazed over stare...

But this post isn't supposed to be about supers. That's not the angle of my geek. It's just that supers have probably made the most cross-over to the surface, and so provide the easiest examples. There's not a whole bunch of sword-n-sorcery stuff that has made this journey. I'm hazarding a guess that if it has, it has gone from novella to comic to movie (like Conan), the exception being The Lord of the Rings. Surface dwellers were exposed to Hobbits, Middle Earth, the Ring and the Fellowship, thanks to P. Jackson and Co. This knowledge will be reinforced when The Hobbit is released as a blockbuster, too. So, some of the special warmth of our coveted secret knowledge will be sent to the ether for mass consumption.

This just means we have to dig deeper for our sword-n-sorcery badges of geekness. Now, this post went nowhere to the point I was trying to make, which was about my BoG for my limited Tolkien knowledge. And, as this post is on the brink of blather, I'll bail out pronto, quoting some Gandalf...

Keep it secret!

Keep it safe!

(And I have no clue who Hawkman is...)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dexcon Aftermath!

Part two of my summer con trilogy has come and gone! Dexcon marks the halfway point between Origins and GenCon. Unlike those other two cons, this one is located in NJ and too, too convenient to attend. It's also a great rally point for all our home hogs.

Dexcon was the most successful con to date from an event standpoint. Thanks to all the support from The Prof, Willy the Too and Spointer, we were able to run three WEGS sessions simultaneously, marking the most number of players to be WEGS-ing it the same time (17 players). Sure, someone might be throwing down WEGS for mass amounts of people somewhere else on the globe, but I haven't heard of it yet (and if they are, let me know so I can sell them some rulebooks!).

At Dexcon, the WEGS arena is set-up at the hotel side entrance in front of a cascading wall of water. The area is just big enough to fit three large tables, the WEGS banner and the product table. It's a great area for passing traffic, but standing in front of a waterfall for twelve hours is enough to bring down a SAN% test. Luckily, some non-con attendee decided to take a swim in the pool late Sat. night, resulting in the waterfall being turned off all day Sunday.

The con ended with yet another amazing game: 99 Low Level Orks! This was the final WEGS event on the schedule, and, truth be told, I thought there wouldn't be any player turn-out for it. Sunday con games are usually a bust. Not the case this time! Thanks to The Prof's tireless recruiting tactics, we had to set-up two tables side-by-side and run the game for 9 players. The game took us all the way up to the close of the con (6 pm).

As you can tell from the tardiness of this post, it took a little longer to recover from this one!

Next stop, Gen Con!