Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two Months and Three Cons Ago...

The Summer of Redux kicked off, as all those who follow this little blog will recall. Since then, GameWick Games has had the best June, July, and August sales for our little game system, WEGS Old Skool. Releasing the newly revised rule set (Redux) along with the advanced rules of play (Dice Rule!) certainly helped in this regard. During this time, we've hit the three big summer cons: Origins (June), Historicon (July), and Gen Con (Aug).

Aside from the encouraging sales, the cons provide that great opportunity to catch up with our friends and fans who have supported us along the way (some from the pre-release stage, circa 2006). In a strange way, the GameWick Games booth is becoming a sort of tavern where folks pop in to catch up, take a break from storming the exhibit hall, swap gaming stories and brag about their WEGS triumphs and dastardly dice rolls. It's the one place where you can say "I was out of spoints and needed two to Spante for my spells, so I burned my last Phew! point..." and folks follow each and every word of your story.

We've got a little over three weeks to go before the end of summer. With no cons on the radar until after that point, September shall be a challenging month for our momentum (but that's always the case). These last few weeks of summer provide me some time to focus on the internet publicity. Speaking of which, it's time to do an official press release of the products we just released "two months and three cons ago".

Yeah, I'm a wee bit behind...

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