Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dexcon Aftermath!

Part two of my summer con trilogy has come and gone! Dexcon marks the halfway point between Origins and GenCon. Unlike those other two cons, this one is located in NJ and too, too convenient to attend. It's also a great rally point for all our home hogs.

Dexcon was the most successful con to date from an event standpoint. Thanks to all the support from The Prof, Willy the Too and Spointer, we were able to run three WEGS sessions simultaneously, marking the most number of players to be WEGS-ing it the same time (17 players). Sure, someone might be throwing down WEGS for mass amounts of people somewhere else on the globe, but I haven't heard of it yet (and if they are, let me know so I can sell them some rulebooks!).

At Dexcon, the WEGS arena is set-up at the hotel side entrance in front of a cascading wall of water. The area is just big enough to fit three large tables, the WEGS banner and the product table. It's a great area for passing traffic, but standing in front of a waterfall for twelve hours is enough to bring down a SAN% test. Luckily, some non-con attendee decided to take a swim in the pool late Sat. night, resulting in the waterfall being turned off all day Sunday.

The con ended with yet another amazing game: 99 Low Level Orks! This was the final WEGS event on the schedule, and, truth be told, I thought there wouldn't be any player turn-out for it. Sunday con games are usually a bust. Not the case this time! Thanks to The Prof's tireless recruiting tactics, we had to set-up two tables side-by-side and run the game for 9 players. The game took us all the way up to the close of the con (6 pm).

As you can tell from the tardiness of this post, it took a little longer to recover from this one!

Next stop, Gen Con!

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