Friday, February 19, 2010

Dreamation Begins With A Big Bang!

Big Bang Mudang, that is!

Dreamation, the first con on our sched this year, began last night. I went intentionally light on the WEGS Old Skool schedule this time around, running only three events (one of Fri., two on Sat.). The exciting news is that two of these events are the new playtests for the Badderlands series.

B3 Grim Reapings, wherein the party explores the crypt of a not-so-dead Grand Warlock.

B4 Druids Ruins, wherein the party messes around with the forces of nature while searching for fabled treasure.

To add to the excitement, I kicked off the con with a super-secret playtest of Big Bang Mudang, my cosmic time-travelling witch-seer game. Details on this twisted little game will trickle forth over the course of the coming months.

And now it's time to start working on all the other con event submissions...

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