Saturday, January 9, 2010

Minotaur Meat Has Arrived!

The long-awaited second module for the Badderlands series has arrived! I can finally check it off my 2009 To Do list!

B2: Minotaur Meat is the next Old Skool adventure from GameWick Games and it's chuck full of fun and adventure. It follows the three chapter narrative format, allowing the game to be played in three encounters.

The module was started in early 2009 and offered as an event for the conventions that we ventured to (Origins, Gen Con, Dexcon, Ubercon). Bit by bit, the module was forged into what it is today. One thing stayed the same, though: it ends with an awesome encounter with a classic minotaur!

The minotaur is depicted twice in the module, once on the cover and later in the third chapter. Both illustrations are drawn by Jim Holloway, a fantastic sword-n-sorcery artist known for his great work during the early days of the role-playing game industry. The module also features the art of Tony Steele and Brian Thomas.

Check it out!

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