Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gen Con 09 Aftermath!

The summer con tour came to its exciting conclusion at Gen Con, as did the stock of the first printing of WEGS 101 Old Skool. We returned from Indiana with the last remaining copy of the original print run. We're pretty happy 'bout that! The rest of the con is a blur of waking up, walking over to the exhibit hall, working the booth and demoing, quick dinners and then the evening WEGS game. Rinse and repeat. Once you plug into a con, you don't unplug until the booth has been dismantled and all the stock is in your car ready to go home. Cheerfully, we had a lot less stock to go home!

We only had a single 10 x 10 booth, and that took some getting used to. Me and the Wegshogs are used to a double booth for our set-up and demos, so it took us a little time to get used to this new flow. After the first day of bumping into each other, we decided to totally reconfigure the booth , just to make it work better. At best, we could demo a game for four players no matter which way we configured the space. And that was probably best as it made us focus on quick demos for small groups.

We were surrounded by some hopping booths: Luke Crane and the Burning Wheel team were on one side and Crazy Egor was on the other. Diagonally across from us was Goodman Games and Wizards of the Coast. Directly across from us was a custom leather boot and jacket dealer, Son of Sandlar, selling some awesome renn-faire ware.

Not a bad neighborhood at all!

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