Friday, May 14, 2010

Hunting Oftens & Ladders

As Dice Rule! suffers its final death throes, one of the last tasks is hunting for orphans and ladders in the text. Orphans (or "oftens" for GS fans) are solitary words that are dangling at the end of a paragraph who take up a full horizontal line for themselves. These gotta be shoved back up into the paragraph right proper (or the tracking of the paragraph tweaked so it flows to the next line). Ladders are more insidious. These are visual clusters of similar words that appear directly above or below each other (like the word "the" vertically lining up with itself on different horizontal lines).

There's been one pass on these suckers by the team project editor, but since the various final edits, there's plenty of text shift that needs review. This is the final bit before we put this beast down for good.

Then we turn our sights on the second book, Old Skool Redux!


El Willy said...

Well, the orphan scan is complete! Found two orphans lurking about and, oddly enough, one of them was the word "subterfuge".

I tell you these suckers are malicious!

PlatinumWarlock said...

Pain in the butt though they may be, they're nothing compared to the dread semi-colon! I hunted those down like they were deer...

But it'll still be great to see it all hit print! Can't wait!

El Willy said...

+6 Sword of Semi-colon Slaying is all yours, man!