Friday, August 7, 2009

I Know I'm A Geek 'Cuz...

Somewhat related to BoG, there are just things that make the inner geek tingle. Like knowing that a two handed sword does 3d6 damage in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. And that such an item costs 30 g.p. (at least that was the going price back in 1978). Lots and lots of games geeks can spout out much more on the damage and cost of items, but I'm more surface level. I just know what appealed to me when I was introduced to the game. I have no clue why my brain has deemed that info important enough to retain...

As hinted in the earlier BoG posts, the inspiration for the Badge of Geekness material came from a little gem of knowledge from my travels with Tolkien. That's why those prior posts had the Hobbit and FotR depicted. It is simply this:

Chapter 1 of The Hobbit is titled: An Unexpected Party

Chapter 1 of The Fellowship of the Ring is titled: A Long-Expected Party

Tolkien begins both books with a party, of sorts. The unexpected party is the Dwarves who show up at Bilbo's doorstep thanks to Gandalf. The long-expected party is Bilbo's self-planned 111th birthday bash. Both mark points of departure from the Shire for Bilbo.

I just think that's cool JRR trivia.

And it only took me three posts to get that brain nugget out...

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