Friday, June 18, 2010

Old Skool Orange

Remember cheeze doodle and dorito stains on character sheets?

The tell-tale sign that the character was experienced and used in prior play.

That color orange I tried to recreate for the Old Skool branding - a burnished orange/gold that has a friendly richness about it. Without the oily blotches, of course.

Now don't wait to get you snack-coated fingertips on the new products coming out this summer! They go on sale next week at Origins.

Bring your own snacks, though...

(Wizard on Die by Kennon James)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Needless to Say...

I've been nutzo busy since the last post getting three new products out the door: WEGS Old Skool Redux, WEGS Dice Rule!, and the new technicolor Old Skool Skill Deck. This means that unlike last year where the GameWick Games booth had no new product to sell at the summer conventions, we hit the ground running with a trifecta of fantastic offerings.

Hopefully over the summer I can find time to regale you all with the tales of getting these three products out the door. It was a heap of work from beginning to editing to end. The end products though are amazing!

Can't wait to show off our WEGS this year!