Sunday, April 20, 2008

Minion Of The Month-Column Golum

All fear the column golem!!! It's been a while since I've posted a minion of the month, but we threw down a new minion last month that caused quite a stir: the column golem. This is a bizarre rubber toy that is composed of roman columns!?! Figured you'd find this guy protecting a temple - so he appeared for the From Dusk Til Dead scenario at Wittcon. As an 88, this hulking minion of stone reduced all Damage Die by 2 points. He was limited to walking in straight lines and would take a full action just to pivot in square. He would automatically pivot any time he entered the same "line" as a target, then he would march toward them and crush them with two attacks per inning. His fists would do 12xD6 Enchanted Wounds (so an Ark had to rely on their Stealth score alone for protection)! The wizard you see behind him was armed with the fabled "chainsword". She kept hitting him with wicked failures and so spent a lot of time behind him in Lost Action Phase. So, the dice were on his side (but that's what you would expect when you are attacking stone!). Gotta love the WEGS dice when they behave like gods!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Wow Moment...

At Mepa, our first game went off a 9 pm and we had a table of six players. This was our Dungeons Or Dragons scenario where the players get an introduction to the system and then get to choose what type of adventure they want us to create. Big part of this game is to show folks how easy it is to make up the minions on the fly. So, players get to see both sides of the system. At the end of this game, one guy bought a book and two decks and said he would be running WEGS the next night at the con - and, damned if he didn't!!! He went online and printed off all the Ark Kards from our website and then ran Dwarf Walks, the intro adventure in the book. Not only did he run the adventure as written, he included the full cast of characters right down to Borkfu's Cousin's Twin's Wife and Gurt the Body Snatcher (with zombies)! Cool, cool, cool!

Our Mepacon Excursion...

Last weekend, me and Spointer headed over the river Delaware and across the mountains to Mid-Eastern PA (MEPA). The drive was much less harrowing than our prior weekend's trip under the river Hudson. In both cases, Friday night traffic sucked. The joke about Jersey being the parking lot for NY, CT and PA... painfully true.

It was our first time hitting Mepacon, so had no idea what to expect. We weren't there but five minutes and we knew we were going to have a rocking time. I think it was the hotel, a Holiday Inn, perched on the mountain overlooking endless mountains (not that we would actually have time to enjoy the view). The other cool thing was that, like the Luxor in Vegas, all the hotel rooms opened up into the center atrium, inverted pyramid style. And the final cool bit was that a prominent feature of the hotel was the indoor pool and jacuzzis at one side of the atrium (so they whole interior lobby smelt of chlorine - and this would be a big plus to counter some of the gamer funk that would be building after three straight days of gaming!). If we knew this place had a cool pool we would've brought our bathing suits. Heck, we could've run games poolside. Dice float, don't they?

Most of the WEGS games went off with full tables. When games didn't run, we could retreat quickly to the hotel room and relax. Having a room just a short elevator ride from the game table is great. I'm beginning to really appreciate the "self-contained" convention where you don't have to pack stuff up between games, load your car and then drive to another place to sleep...

Yeah, that's the old man in me talking...

And he's talking louder and louder these days!

Friday, April 11, 2008

From NY to PA...

Last weekend it was Icon, this weekend it's MEPAcon. First time going to this con, but word up is that it's a good rpg con. Details to follow next week!

Shroedinger's Cold Roll...

So does the cat live or die (or simply implode)?

Find out here

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Meanwhile, at another college con...

Some of the rockin' Witthogs took WEGS over to Wright State for Glory Con!

Platinum Warlock's Post-con Wrapper Upper

An adventure where you eat the remains of your minions?


(And check out Shroedinger's Cold Roll...)

Our Icon Excursion...

Last weekend, me and Spointer headed to Icon, a sci-fi con at Stonybrook University on Long Island, New York. Icon is heavy on the "science" part of sci-fi, but has a gaming arm, too. There's lots of folks wandering around in costume. As it's on a huge college campus, there's the whole student body mixing in with the con-goers.

We ran three out the four games on our schedule. Friday night's Pirates of Penzantium game started off with a bang, as a returning player from last year arrived full of enthusiasm for WEGS. He brought a friend who he had run through a WEGS game a couple of nights prior, so both had experience under their belt. As noted in the post below, this greatly adds to the speed of play. Also, because they were so dang good at the game, I was able to layer in the pirate spills (Spante Skills). Unless players know what WEGS is about, these skills will slow down the play. Not so here, the skills added to the awesome. The game ended when the college kicked us out at 2 a.m. Nice! Thankfully, the Saturday a.m. game did not get off the ground, leaving us some down-time. By noon Spointer was running a demo for some folks, then we plunged into our 2 p.m session of Dingbitt's, where we created a new twist called Dingbitt's Roundhouse where the position of Minion Master rotates with each new encounter (i'll post details on that later). The con concluded with a full table of gamers for a traditional Dingbitt's.

Icon has been hit/miss for us in the past, but all in all, this was a great weekend - saw some friends, met some new ones, gamed like mad and had a blast. This upcoming weekend is MEPAcon, the Mid-Eastern Pennsylvania Con. First time going there. Details next week.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Arks In Action!

Another scene from WittCon

From Dusk 'Til Dead

(j. benton, photographer)

"What we have here is a sit-cheee-ay-tion, laddies!"

Foreground-Ethercreepers (Level 5 as per the five purple chips under each) closing in on a group of Arks who seem to be surrounding their Sage.

Center: The Arks! Sage (pink chip) who has a spell ready to blast (pink pawn); Mage with two red chips under (second red chip is a spell marker); Ranger (green chip) who has Sure Shot on (green marker); Trickster (yellow chip); Warrior (orange chip).

Background: Three 88 Enchanted Warriors (each with 8 orange chips). The two yellow chips represented some special move I think... Way in the back, sitting on a mighty stack of pink is the Level 88 Sage who was leading the warriors to the attack.

That's WEGS in multi-color, folks!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Speed Of Play...

As noted earlier, one of the amazing things during our Krystal Keep / WittCon games was the speed of play. These games, jammed with 12 players each, did not suffer from much mechanic-lag. A big part of this was that about a quarter of the players all did some WEGS-ing with us before, and these folks were coaching their friends and other players. A lot of the rules explanations were being handled by them, instead of us. It was great to watch somebody else explain the rules to a new player. It allowed me and Willy the 2 to focus more on our side of the table. Good stuff.

This also had a big impact on the "split table counter-rotational" minion mastering that we were attempting (see notes below). It drew a line in the sand between the players and us (the house). They weren't relying on us for the help with the rules, they were relying on the senior players. It galvanized the players as a team, which was great to see. Another great thing, which we're seeing more and more of, is players coaching each other on skill use. As folks become more familiar with the rules, the level of strategy is rising. It might just be me, but Level 88s ain't so tough any more...

Time to break out the Double 88s!