Friday, March 26, 2010


The first pass at content and layout is complete for Dice Rule! and the page count has come in at that magical pagination mark of 64! This was purely unintentional, but a great sign that we're in that enchanted page zone that so many early hardcover rpgs hit. My understanding is that page count needed to be divisible by 16 as that's how many cuts were on the printer's sheet.

AD&D Monster Manual, 112 pages (16 x 7)

AD&D Players Handbook, 128 pages (16 x 8)

AD&D Dungeon Master Guide, 240 pages (16 x 15)

Now, I still have to add the Table of Contents, preface, and other fun stuff, so that wicked 64 mark is just a temporary page count.

But a good omen that we're solidly on the road to print!